Civil Litigation

For even the most prepared and conscientious person disputes in life and in business are inevitable.  How you deal with those disputes, however, is often the difference between success and failure.

At the law office of Daniel J. McKenna, Esq., P.C., we are frequently involved in resolving civil and business disputes for our clients.  As a client of the firm, you will have our commitment to resolve your disputes as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Sometimes this can be accomplished by picking up the telephone or sending a letter.  Other times we are forced to aggressively pursue or vigorously defend litigation.  No matter the circumstance, our focus it to provide you the best legal representation possible while keeping an eye on the costs and expenses associated with any legal course.

Are you dealing with an unruly neighbor claiming adverse possession or an easement across your property? Are you dissolving a business due to a partner gone astray?  Did your contractor breach the contract?  Did your tenant neglect to pay his rent?  Did your landlord fail to provide heat?  Were you injured in a motor vehicle accident?  Or did you fall off a scaffold at a construction site?

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